Basic Training

We welcome you to the world of eyelashes; in this course, you will learn how to do eyelash extensions 1:1. There are two ways to participate in the classes, in-person and online, which you can participate according to your conditions. After the class ends, the student will benefit from unlimited Topgold support.


2 DAYS - $1200

• Technician principles and hygiene

• Diseases and care before treatment

• Work tools and their standard

• Products and maintenance methods

• Eyelashes and knowledge of their types

• Appropriate and basic eye design

• Disassembly and installation method

• Filling method and care after work

• Safe removal

Class info

• Buying and recognizing quality products

• Business startup

• Customer management

• Get More Clients (GMC)

• Work with tweezers and eyelash pick-up

• Eyelash separation and installation on a live model

• Implementation of the live model in full

• Receiving TOPGOLD’s certificate



     Get More Clients (GMC)


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What you get after completing the course


• Knowledge of tools and equipment, occupational health, and safety at work.

• Implementation of a suitable design for the customer's eyes.

• Ability to perform classical work, correct separation, and provide standard work.

• Ability to fill and remove safely.

• GMC and business start-up.

• Social media management and promotion in business.


1 DAY - $600

• 1-day online workshops will be held.

• Teaching theory and sending educational files to artists

• The practical part and its demo on the mannequin head

• Receiving a certificate after submitting a work portfolio by artist

• Unlimited support after receiving the certificate


  • Considering that you will have a live connection with the Master and the program is not pre-recorded, please be ready on the announced date and time just like an In-Person class.

  • Your coordination is very important to increase the quality of education.

  • The program is scheduled on certain dates from 9:00 am-3:00 pm with a 30-minute break.

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Special Support

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Unique Knowledge

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Affordable Cost