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Workshop rules:
Before registering, masters are required to thoroughly check the registrant and put him in the right educational channel.
A student who has a strong market, has between 100-150 students in the last year, has a good journal work sample, the structure of the personal page is business and correct, there is a sample of the student's work on the personal page, this student should be reviewed by Gold Master. Introduce the region, if not approved for the master class, he can participate in full megavolume basic classes.
Note: If the rules are broken and the student complains about the lack of guidance from the academy, he can terminate his cooperation with you. The masters are obliged to provide the academy with the registration information, including the student's name, e-mail address, and phone number.
1. How to hold the workshop and related rules:
Introduce your assistants one week before the class (7 working days), if it is outside of this time, the assistant will not be allowed to take photos with the student and these photos will not be in Page Master and Academy.
The master is obliged to provide assistance to all his students. If there is a difference between the students, this possibility will be created by other masters by the academy.
Students with a logo are preferred for assistance, but note that you should not use the same student multiple times.
If the academy does not agree with the student for assistantship, the master is obliged to use a substitute person.
Note: It is possible to invite other masters without coordination with the Memnon Academy, and if they do, the masters will be suspended.
• Masters are required to hold classes according to the schedule and take videos from different parts of the class for advertising in the story.
• The masters are obliged to share the problems of the student with the gold master after the practical class so that better services can be provided to the student if more advice is needed.
• The masters are obliged to hold the practical day class with high quality, in peace, complete facilities, proper reception, in case of non-compliance, cooperation will be suspended.
• Masters are required to provide all practical class supplies (lashes, glue, light, cushion foam, healthy facilities are among the master's duties.
• Masters can ask their students to bring their pens during the practical day class.

2. Consent form:
• The masters are obliged to receive a consent form from the students for the organization according to the laws of their country, because the master of that region considers the legal issues of each country and is obliged to resolve them.
• The masters are obliged to keep the legal papers properly to use if needed.
• Masters are obliged to solve the student's problems on their practical day, and have the necessary patience to complete the model.
• Masters are obliged to devote all their time to the student on the practical day of the Topgold student, any training at the same time as the student's activity outside of the student's training is prohibited, if the above-mentioned cases are observed, the master will be suspended from his activity.
• Masters are required to use Topgold terms for training during theory and practical classes.
• The capacity of the workshop on a working day for new masters is 2 people
• If the class is held privately and the theory is aggregated, the necessary coordination must be done with the academy, before the practical class, the consent form and information about the conditions of the holding will be given to the student. Wait to attend the workshop.
• Mapping on the day of the practical class is done only by the teacher, and no student is assigned to the assistant teacher.
• The masters are obliged to do 1/3 (one third) of the student's work
• At the end of the work, the masters are obliged to teach the students how to photograph, the amount of light, and to photograph the model and also prepare the video of the model (note that for Topgold, the resolution of the video of the work is very important. Unprincipled edits of the post, like and will not be commented.)
• Only photos are placed on the main page of the academy that were taken with a Topgold certificate, any logo, image other than the main logo of the academy is on the page, the academy will not post it and will not issue a certificate for the next workshop.
• Using a personal logo, a personal seal other than the Topgold logo in the certificate is against the rules, and the academy's lawyer will pursue it.
• The rules are updated by the academy. Please be aware of the updated rules
• Finally, up to three days after the workshop, masters are required to email all their portfolios to the academy
(Please note that the emails should be sent at once, if there is a problem in sending it, send it to the Telegram supervisor of the region)
Avoid multi-step submission. Note that any irregularity in the cases will cause us to avoid cooperating with you for the next workshop.
• If your student needs an apron, send the apron models together with the student's name and surname.
Note: In case of sending in stages, the academy will not cooperate with you.
• The masters are obliged to provide the correct information to the student. Any wrong information to the student, the promise of the master to make the difference between the students for support will cause the termination of our cooperation.
• If there is a problem with the student, report it to the supervisor by email (in English) before anything happens.
• The best way to communicate with the supervisor is through email, any other communication is not approved by the academy.
• If the student complains and requests to change the master and proves the violations on behalf of the student, he will be subject to a fine of 600 dollars. And for the second time, 1000 dollars and the third time will lead to the suspension of the master.
• In case of leaving the academy, the master is obliged to notify the academy 20 days in advance so that the conditions are prepared for the individual.

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