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The different level of training at Topgold, such as Advanced Mega Volume and  Fashion Style introduces our trained artists to a new structure of the eyelash world. Look at the work album of Top Gold artists on our Instagram!!! In Topgold, you will get to know the methods of eyelash design and combined maps and combinations of curls and you can create your own art. We claim a special technique of American Fan Making and installation, which has caused the previous defects to be fixed.

TOPGOLD Full Mega Volume Techniques



The Level-Up Topgold system is a unique educational method at the Advanced Mega Volume level, where the artist is targeted and upgraded after entering this process.

"Social media promotion is directly related to presenting your portfolio"

In this system, the masters help to improve the individual step by step by monitoring their artists and fixing their problems in level up.

Topgold artists will create special works after training!

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