Advanced American Volume

This course is designed for people who have trained in the volume level, in this course, you will get to know the double installation technique, the combination of curls, the combination of maps and you can increase the volume of eyelashes up to 20 times. There are two ways in-person or online methods to participate in the classes. You can choose it according to your conditions. After the end of the course, the artist is placed in the level-up system so that she can be bugged and upgraded step by step.

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2 DAYS - $1600

• Overview of basic Knowledge

• Full Mega Volume standard map

• Combined map

• Familiarity with the Full Mega Volume fan-making technique

• Double installation

• Double installation in different curls

• Primary mapping - secondary mapping

• Straight line

• Advanced isolation

Class info

• Lash Design

• Method of checking in Full Mega Volume

• The difference between volume's fan and Full Mega Volume

• Marketing - Social Media

• Photography

• Practicing fan making and picking up the double fan and              installing it on the pad

• Practice on a live model

• Receiving TOPGOLD’s certificate



     Get More Clients (GMC)


What you get after completing the course

• New and advanced extension theory - Full Mega Volume standard map of Topgold fanning technique

• Mastery of double installation and TopGold technique in different curls - Isolation methods in Full Mega Volume

• Presentation of Full Mega Volume portfolio

• Mastery of eyelash design

• Photography and social media

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1 DAY - $800

• Teaching Topgold theory and sending educational files to artists.

• Topgold fan-making technique.

• Double installation method and its demo on the mannequin head.

• Marketing - Social Media - Photography.

• Eyelash design

• Receiving a certificate after submitting a work sample to the master.

• Unlimited support after receiving the certificate.


  • The class starts at 9:00 am-4:00 pmEST and a 20-minute break is included.

  • Please be present in the class. The class starts and ends according to the schedule

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Special Support

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Unique Knowledge

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Affordable Cost