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Hello, Welcome to Online Training With Application

On this page, you will get some information about online training. Please read carefully first and then if you are ready sign up and start your training.

First, You need to sign up on our website and then log in to it.

Second, you need to pay for training. After that, you will be entered into online training content.

Finally, you will be getting a student booklet and videos.

If you have any questions in this process feel free to leave a message for us. 

Also, you can follow us on Instagram to see the latest events and updates.

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About Online Training Process

How you can start your online training at TOPGOLDLASHES.

First of all, we need to explain that for training at this level, you need to have experience working at the volume level and have worked at the volume level for at least 6 months to 1 year and know well the eyelash fan making and isolation. So, in this case, you will successfully complete the Topgold training.

Watch the Topgold training video carefully. Carefully observe the work steps and listen to the explanations. Repeating the video will make you understand the golden points more. So do it. After watching the original movie, you enter the level-up system.

In the first level- we practice eyelash fan-making together. Make like a fan video and send it to your master in the app. If the construction of your fan is approved, you can enter the next step, otherwise, you have to repeat it until you finally get what you want.

In the second level- you practice fan making and pickup and installation on the pad and mannequin head. Then send a clear photo of your work to get the master's approval, so you have to pass all 5 steps. If you continue your training with us, you will successfully master the execution of the work. be patient. practice Send us the photo of the work so that we can advance your training step by step.

Keep in mind that the Topgold training system is a step-by-step training system so that you can successfully learn the important and key points in the implementation of the work at each step.

If you fail to succeed at one stage, pay attention to the golden tips and recommendations given by the master. At the end of these 5 levels, you will be able to obtain the certificate and the Artist logo of Topgold, and you can prepare yourself to enter the Junior level, then the Senior level. Finally, become a Master of your country.

This training will be open for you for 6 months to complete 5 levels successfully. After that, access to training content is blocked. So, keep the time process in mind and act according to the schedule.


If you have any questions in this process feel free to leave a message for us.

Instagram Direct: @topgold_lashes

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