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I started my artistic career with painting and continued to paint professionally with watercolors and oils almost until adulthood.

After finishing my studies in the field of paramedicine, I realized that I have a great interest in working in the field of beauty and I tried to follow it boldly. Even though I had studied in another field for many years, I entered the beauty profession and pursued it with great effort. At first, I started doing beauty work with micropigmentation, and after a few years, I entered the eyelash extension career and then followed the make-up vocation. I passed my professional courses in different academies and tried to improve my knowledge and skills in these three branches. Finally, after immigrating to Canada and studying business and marketing, I followed my creative ideas in the field of beauty business with my life partner, Alireza, and the result was Topgold Academy. Our goal is to expand and develop Topgold in the world to increase the knowledge and skills of students interested in beauty and eyelash extensions.

So far, we have trained more than 500 students all over the world and we have also trained successful masters who are currently working under the name of Topgold.

Also, these masters are trained by Topgold Academy and entered the beauty profession from the beginning with the help of Topgold's training system. Topgold Academy now has 20 active masters all over the world, and these masters are working in Canada, Iran, Turkey, The U.S, and Dubai.

Topgold Academy has now launched its first-class products in Canada, and by using these products, eyelash artists can experience the best quality and provide flawless work on their models or clients.

We are still trying to get better.





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